AuthorTopic: Not building relevant work experience?
@2017-11-03 19:02:13
I'm a software engineer pursueing the CFA designation. I'll take level I this December. My goal is to reach a point that I'm developing financial analysis software and possibly in the future only (non software development) financial analysis related work. My problem is the work experience requirement to earn the designation.

I created and ran a software company for seven years before taking a full time position with another company. I can't see leaving the software development field and jumping into an entry level financial analyst position just to earn the needed three years work experience.

Would my seven years of running a business count toward the three years work experience? If my current employer allows me to analyze financial statements and produce reports on a part time basis, will that count?

I believe there is a time constraint after taking each test that you must fill the work requirement. If you don't meet the time constraint, your test become invalid. If that is the case, I'm possibly going down the wrong path with regards to the CFA designation.

Any other suggestions are appreciated.


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