AuthorTopic: Not ready for exam, should I still sit for it?
@2018-04-02 16:33:59
Hi guys,

Life has gotten in the way of studying for the June 2018 exam and I am nowhere near ready for the exam. I haven't even gone through half the stuff. Would I be gaining anything by still wasting time and sitting for the exam? I've already paid for it so feel I should at least go through it and see how I do but I feel I'm just winging.

Curious to know if anyone else is in the same situation. What would you guys do?
@2018-04-14 05:53:59
If you already paid for it, then I would sit. That way you at least have a concept of the wording of the actual CFA exam, the atmosphere, the difficulty compared to your study materials, etc. And you can also have a gauge of your non-passing score.

It's hard to predicted your emotions and psych the first time you do something. So why not get that out of the way just to sit in, and prepare better next time.
@2018-05-12 16:07:35
Depends on your objectives. I would sit the exam in any case:

- If you want to get better prepared for December 2018, I would keep on going through the concepts in detail.

- If you want to pass in June, I would go on with review questions of analystnotes with an answer explanation after each question - That way you'll be able to grasp at least the main concepts pretty fast. Then do all the EOC questions and the mocks.

Up to you.

CFA Discussion Topic: Not ready for exam, should I still sit for it?

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