AuthorTopic: now u have to activate the chat function
@2003-03-07 15:44:36
hi mike now yhat the number exeed 20 let us chat and scuss directly PLZ!
@2003-03-08 01:41:39
Thanks for the remind.

Yeah this site has been very busy these days, as people are busy preparing for the exam. However, We've found that more than 95% of members here don't like to talk at all. Look at how many messages (2 - 5 maybe, and very short) are posted here every day, given average visitors of more than 60 per hour. We don't see a real need to have the chat function enabled.


@2003-03-10 04:16:24
- I agree with curious regarding the chatting option. It would be easier for members to chat than posting a thread in the forum. Response would be more quick.

- Hey curious, I've been trying to send you an e-mail for some time now but your e-mail is over quota. Hope everything is going ok.
@2003-03-11 14:04:21
Hi again yousra,
i'm ok and hope everything is going well. sorry for my email, now you can send me you email; it'ok.
good luck!

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