AuthorTopic: NPV/CF problem on TI calculator!
@2004-09-20 09:17:27
When I follow the steps in the Scheweser study notes for these problems, my display is different from the book and I am not able to do the problem by just imputting the data. can someone help?
@2004-09-20 12:37:03
I guess you have not changed the configuration of your Calculator

Are you using TI BA II Plus?

In TI BA II Pluse you should change the variable P/Y to 1 which will be originally 12.

For this you need to do this setting:

[2nd] [P/Y] {1} - [ENTER] [CE/C]

@2004-09-20 14:57:03
I did that.

But when I enter CFo, and then the frequency, and press the down arrow again, it does not move to the CF1...
@2004-09-21 09:35:41
After entering value for CFo, it displays as CO1 and not as CF1. Remember this.

After giving a value for CF1 and enter down arrow key, it displays FO1. Don't enter any number for that. Press the down arrow key again and move to CO2 and it goes on this way.

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