AuthorTopic: # of errors in passpro notes
@2006-02-18 11:19:28
How many errors have you found in the passpro study notes and online exam bank? I've found at least 16, and they're not even listed in the errata.

Getting annoyed......
@2006-03-02 07:22:39
Way too many to count.
@2006-05-09 16:01:02
the extra practice tests they sell are pretty bad, a lot of poorly written questions that don't make sense, and some that are just flat plain wrong.
@2006-07-02 22:53:56
I emailed a few errors to passpro, but have stopped doing so because there are just too many of them. If they were to give me a free set of ntoes / cd for my next level, I might consider it.

Afterall, I wouldn't want to take their editors' jobs, would I?

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