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@2018-08-12 13:13:35
Disregarding my personal characteristics and career interests, what would you say would be the ideal position for me within banking/finance given this background:

MS Economics
MS Political Science
1 year of studies abroad in finance/economics
Fluency in three languages
IT-Consultancy intership
Four months full-time experience in macroeconomic analysis
1 year of military experience
CFA level 1 candidate

I know this is a very broad question, but as I am unable to land a job, I was thinking that maybe I am applying for the wrong jobs. I have had interviews for international banking, asset management, professional services firms - but I keep falling out. Any ideas that might help me forward? I would really appreciate this.

Thank you.
@2018-08-16 20:55:20
government work...seriously. you should be able to land a great gov't job because of your qualifications. You might be able to get into risk management (likes those econ majors) down the road but you'll probably need more real world experience. Where did you do your econ degree? An MS usually implies an applied program. And, how's your quantitative skill? All in all, your experience is diverse. Your career path will greatly be determined by what you do at work. If I were hiring you, I would probably put you in a market research job, not securities analysis but more of a quantitative marketing analyst position.
@2018-10-05 14:24:46
Thank you for your response. :-)

You are definitively right about one thing, that government agencies like my background. However, I am trying to break into the private sector and land an analyst position either in investment banking or international banking. I simply believe the future will be better there.

I have my degree from a mid-tier European university and my quantitative skills are about average for a person with my background I guess. I have studied econometrics, multiple regression and time series analysis. I have thought about risk management too, but unfortunately, in this economy one is not always able to choose job freely. I will accept other employments too and be open to the opportunities presented to me.

If you are interested and have any openings at your firm for employment or internships, I could post you my resume. Maybe you would be impressed? I have had third-round interviews with top-tier investment banks, but as you just said, I lack solid real work experience. Well, if you're interested let me know (or anyone else who is reading this). Have a nice day


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