AuthorTopic: Old analystnotes study notes - Is it possible to use?
@2009-03-30 16:51:41
Last year I bought AnalystNotes Study Notes for the Dec 2008 CFA exam, and for private reasons, I did not do the CFA exam. Now, I have decided to do it finally in December 2010, and my question is, can I use this old material to study, and if yes how can I update it? In case the answer is no, is it possible to buy a 2010 Study Notes?

Thanks in advance for the answers!
@2010-04-02 12:09:50
Considering the price of less than $100 for new study notes and over 30% LOS changes from 2009 to 2010 study guides, I would buy a new set of study notes for 2010.
@2010-06-29 06:38:19
Everything is possible. I can only speak from my own experience: given how difficult this exam actually is as proven by the current low pass rates, why should you take an unnecessary chance by using outdated study material? Correct me if I'm in the wrong here but suppose you do use some old & crappy material and hence save the amount of $x /fee for current Analyst-notes or any other preferred notes/ and you miss the exam? Then you will have to pay another fee for signing up for the next exam. You've not only lost the money spent on the fee for the first exam, you've also lost through the effort you've put down in vain while studying for the first /second, third.../ attempt at the exam AND you've also lost by not being able to achieve your charter one /two, three../ year(s) earlier.

Those are my thoughts anyway, and is also the reason why I don't try to "save" a little money here and there by using outdated or inappropriate study notes. It's another story if you absolutely cannot AFFORD to purchase current notes (a lot of people face that problem too).

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