AuthorTopic: On exam day I couldn't show up
@2016-07-20 09:02:24
because of blah blah excuse bad timing

but it turned out to be thus far my greatest day in 2015

to clear my head of recent familial trauma timed classicaly as if Voltaire wrote the story to my life, I walked into a mall.

There, I saw shopping bags. Not flat but full. As they hung they drew their wearers limbs to the center of the earth where all things should fall. It was in that moment that I realized consumer spending is on the rise, though no major U6 unemployment is corrected. No income is rising. Just purchasing, yet, no power. So in an attempt to make amends with my soul for trading a bit of my future to ease tumultuous and mind-numbing psychological pains of personal distress I made the best of the time and dove into research.

There I found several financial service firms with dwindling home mortgage loan and car loans replaced by consumer credit loans. In that I felt a presence of familiarity. As it if it was 2003 - when I was 13 years old. When I didn't have the tools, financial knowledge or language to describe intelligably the disonance of the consumers decision making. Where, in my average net income (family of 5, 68k neighborhood), graffiti riddled neighborhood my friends had brand new flat screens and cars. I could feel it coming back - the pride, the ego, the competition to look better. The gluttony of comsumption.

I raised capital quickly and purchased consumer staple and discretionary indices. Conducted solid research and compiled a portfolio which is still in the works. I, motivated and intrigued, read every financial resource in my local library since June 7th and since then earned a reward in my parallel absense - knowledge about a "RIA exam that like, anyone could take" from a fellow at starbucks who heard me sweat bullets about the exam and my situation to a financially savvy friend.

Since last month I've created a social media presence, financial literacy website, read tons of literature, and conducted research that is just as good as a coil bound portfolio.

We're only human. Then we die. June 2017, '18, '19, '20, .. I will own you or die.

Thank You, SP

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