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@2010-01-01 11:11:20
Hi all,

I am taking CFA level 1 exam in june 2010 and have started preparing for the same.
I think it would be a good idea to start an online discussion group to discuss problems, confusions, questions, topics etc. It will also help us keep ourselves motivated.

Please join the thread if interested!

@2010-01-06 22:58:37
VDN08: Very interested. I plan to take the Lvl 1 test in June 2010. Please provide me with the online contact information and times you want to get together, and I will be there. Looking forward to hearing from you.
@2010-01-07 11:28:34
Well, I guess we can start discussions here till more people join or we come up with a better idea.

So when did you start? and how much have you finished reading? is this your first attempt?
I started in mid sep and currently doing FRA.
@2010-01-07 20:52:40

I just started studying and I plan to take the test in June. My statement of just started studying means that I've compiled 1545 notes that I typed up and I'm studying them. I work full time and haven't really started fully studying yet. I still have to pay for the test, so I don't have the CFAI books yet, and I haven't paid for AnalystNotes yet, but I will be buying the 99.00 package tomorrow.

I've read through most of the material but I need to start doing exercises and mock exams. Am I starting too late?
@2010-01-09 11:51:05
Just have a question on study notes... I am a new to this field, so which study material is best fitted. How about CFAinstitute notes?
@2010-01-18 02:52:32
I plan to take the levl 1 in june '10. i m taking tuitions n we r doing economics these days. i just started arnd 1 week back.
@2010-01-18 09:50:56
@ amarmg, CFAinstitute notes are obviously best fitted but i think its a good idea to consult additional notes like schweser or analystnotes notes and do a lot of questions.

I took a break for 20 days and now back studying again. plan to finish FRA in jan.
@2010-01-27 02:58:54
Hi everybody. I would like to take a part in this group. I think that it`s a very good idea..
@2010-01-29 13:21:12
Great idea....looking forward to exchange of ideas
@2010-01-30 07:38:34
Rough week for me. Got my results and barely missed Level 1 (Band 10). Level 1 books from CFA will be here Monday. Going with Analyst notes this round as opposed to Schweser. I'll be here for the next 4 months.
@2010-01-31 23:03:15
I plan to take cfa level in Dec 2010. It's good idea that we create a group for the exam prepration. How will we start? I would like to join.
@2010-02-01 18:50:35
Is thr a group u guys formed? If yes plz forward the onlinedetails..
@2010-02-02 06:16:30
I suggest that we must organize one meeting in skype for example and decide for future. What do you think? When?
My skype is ninkata1010 and I would be glad to talk with people with the same aim - CFA level 1(june).
@2010-02-02 09:04:09
thts a good idea i have already joined a group for cfa level 1 on skype. if you want will try adding you there.
@2010-02-07 22:48:46
Dear ninkata,

My spype is bttnhi0210. Will add your nick and we can keep in touch.

Dear vdn08,

Could you add my skype to your group.
@2010-02-11 21:46:10
i am also doing cfa level exam in june....... i am seraching for study notes.....

if some one any questions bank or special study text can u please send it to me.
@2010-02-12 20:14:27
hey.. +1 for june 2010. so do u guys have a group somewhere.. if yes pls advise. i m in toronto. anybody from tornto or around.
@2010-02-15 14:00:25
I would like to create an online group to study CFA
The group of 5 will be perfect, although I am ready to study with one "partner" as well.
We will need to make a trial meeting on the first week-end and work at a full-scale later on during the next 14 weeks.
The meetings are conducted to:
exchange the test questions on the topic that is under consideration
clarify the issues on the topic
The group will presumably meet online through skype. People are also supposed to have google & googlewave accounts to have access to calendar, word-processing and some other tools.
The meeting will be held at least three hours, perhaps on Saturdays and/or Sundays.
Developing the agenda is obligatory for the group members. During the week the member is preparing for the meeting. The member is expected to provide a list of test questions and answers. The number of such questions is targeted: minimum is defined beforehand.
Each member is supposed to present a set of questions and to ask these questions. Other memebers are supposed to answer the questions, either in writing or orally.
The course study is to be discussed on the first meeting, although the schedule is more or less ready.

The main principles of such studying process are:

test-oriented program, test questions are the main studying instruments
free and interchangeable participation
structured, clear and transparent studying plan
no entry barriers
competiotion is stimulated
usage of new technologies is encouraged

my skype id is viktor.bisovetskyi

If you are interested, please send me a private message by Friday. I will contact contact those of you who are interested, and we will try to schedule a scype meeting on Saturday or Sunday to define clear rules how to organize the studying process.

thanks, Viktor
@2010-03-24 07:29:48
Hey guys,

I have created a google groups for discussing anything related to Level 1 CFA exam for June 2010.

Please add yourself and discuss doubts, problems and anything related to the exam.
@2010-03-31 01:14:41
Hi, indeed, it is a good idea to exchange ideas and clues online. I passed level 1 last december and I was in band 7, I hope that I will be successful next june.
Please add me to your skype message list for those of you who are interested.
My ID: chairman.mao1

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