AuthorTopic: Online Study group for Dec 2010 L1
@2010-02-10 01:38:55
Hi, I am planning to take cfa level in Dec 2010. anyway interested to form a online study group ?
@2010-03-07 05:03:01
I am in wil join u........
@2010-03-07 10:07:24
Can we form a Skype study group.. plz let me know skype id.
@2010-03-29 09:52:20
I will join your group. There are two us. email me if you dont mind two more joining
@2010-04-05 03:54:29
I have registered for CFA L1 dec 2010, looking for study partners, anyone interested??
@2010-04-07 19:52:30
Hey how's the online study group going? I've also registered for the Dec 2010 L1 exam. Maybe I join as well? Let me know.
@2010-04-07 23:35:27
Hi, Not yet started. I am not able to contact anyone of above. How to send mail communication ?? Any idea???
@2010-04-11 09:09:41
hello,it looks like the idea is there but it is still in our minds but there is lack of execution part.lets hit the ice now because the clock is ticking.which subjects can we start with and the time that people can be available online.m Paul guys also registered for CFA level 1 December 2010.
@2010-04-12 21:52:32
Hi, I have started the Quantitative part.
@2010-04-20 19:04:30
Hi, I am enrolled for the December exam. Just got my study material and calculator last week.

Happy to join a group. My skype username is snehal.bhawkar

Deepali, how you coping with the Quantitative module?

@2010-04-21 21:27:53
My skype username is deepali sahoo
Quantitative looks okay to me.
@2010-04-23 00:00:05
Hi Snehal,
I have added u in Skype. Please let me know which area of CFA u are studying now.
@2010-04-23 02:07:18
Hi Deepali,

I have added you. I am currently on Quantitative, just started a week ago.

Will you be referring to any supplementary/external material?

@2010-04-29 05:54:04
Hi, I am also interested to join in this group.
I wanted to know which material does you guys are following?
@2010-05-04 01:19:59
Hi, I am also interested to join in this group.

Pls add my skype: hungnhq

@2010-05-04 21:49:13
i am also interested to join this, i am studying economic part.
@2010-05-09 08:16:05
How about forming a googlegroup so that we all are updated about all the discussions....
@2010-06-07 20:55:18
hi everyone, still anyone interested for a study group. I am not able to contact anyone till now..
@2010-06-09 00:12:22
I have finished quant and FSA once but there are still confusion left in certian parts. Will likely revise onetime more. Interested to join group.
@2010-06-10 16:34:09
I would like to join the group. But group means how it will communicate? via emails?
@2010-06-22 04:27:27
iam intrested
i wont to take cfa so i need group to disscuse the details
@2010-06-25 13:20:32
i would like to join the group
@2010-07-05 08:57:58
I would like to join the group.please add me to the skype group < manoranjan2008>
@2010-07-15 08:21:55
i'd like to join the group....where are we meeting online, skype or google? i have been reading fixed income, equity , derivatives and did not finish at all. i think joining u guys will keep me motivated..
@2010-07-20 16:40:58
Hi i have enrolled for CFA last week only, havent receive my study material. how you guys are studying? i am planning to give dec 2010 exam is it pssible to complete the course in this duration? please help me how to study or how to start? which calculator is better to use HP or Texas? which part should start first?
@2010-07-28 13:52:08
The text books explain concepts really well but it is really impractical using them because of theim being really vast.
Use texas calculators. HP ones are also fine but support for the Texas BA2 Plus is easily available as vast majority use them.

Again as you start studyin you realize that 300 hours is not really the thing you should be aiming at.

Master the concept and move ahead.

But indeed the programme is sheer brilliance.

Add me on harsh.nishit,sheth please.

It'll be indeed very motivating.
@2010-08-04 03:53:00
hey all,

I am also appearing for the exam in december. I wud wish to join u people if there is room for one more in the group.

Please let me know how can i contact you to join the group.
@2010-08-04 12:01:35
Hi there,
My skype id is psrinivas123. Please include me in your study group. I am going thru Quant now.
I also joined a class by R.G. Quintero in New York City.
@2010-09-20 07:36:13
hi guyz, am taking the dec exam in madrid.. can i join your group?
@2010-09-20 07:39:18
Guyz... i forgot! my username is sarah.boctor. please include me in the study group..
@2010-09-21 17:08:27
My skype id is: ritika.goel23

Are any of you in new york? I'd like occassional meetups to discuss doubts/concerns. (I think 'Paddys' mentioned nyc.

@2010-09-29 09:30:02
Hey I enrolled for Dec 2010 in March but on this site m new.. my course is almost finish (except study session 18 n 17 derivatives)

I need to solve question, some discussions .. n concepts... any one interested..?

Shashank ... New Delhi
@2010-09-29 15:53:29
Guys, i need help! i sat for june 2010 and failed. i have resigned to do full time study for the next two months. i need a study partner/group in London. My skype ID is bambamoj. please add me and lets hook up.
@2010-10-01 23:32:28
Hey I enrolled for Dec 2010.

I need to solve question, some discussions .. n concepts... any one interested..?

vcb_007 on skype.
@2010-10-07 00:17:35
Hi dudes,
I too writing my exam in this December. Unfortunately, due to high work pressure in the office, i could not able start reading till last month. This week only i started preparation. So, please guide me how to conquer this exam? Please guide me. I can ready 3 hours a days in working days & 8 hours in weekends (sat&sun). Considering this, please me how to start my preparation?

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