AuthorTopic: Online Study Group for Level 1
@2011-07-31 16:45:52

Is there anyone interested in an online study group for CFA Level 1? We could schedule time to talk through Skype or MSN or other means. My time zone is UTC -5:00.

Thank you for taking your time to read and respond!

@2011-08-01 13:54:33
Hi GiGi. I'm very interested in CFA. We can get connected through email.
@2011-08-01 23:39:37
Can anyone make a group in Yahoo? I'll join.
@2011-08-02 04:37:19
Okay great! What's your email, sergeix5?

Proudpinay: I don't know how to make a Yahoo group. Would you like to join also?
@2011-08-04 13:53:31
my face
@2011-08-07 08:41:46
Hi All,

I am beginning prep from tomorrow (8/8) for L1

I work full time so an online study group is a good idea...I am on Eastern time (+5 GMT)

Please let me know if you are moving forward in creating the group..

@2011-08-08 14:18:12
Connect to me at facebook
@2011-08-10 08:30:19
I'm also interested in a study group. Has a forum / communication method been decided?
@2011-08-16 11:49:18
I'm interested in joining a study group. I'm taking level 1 in December. How will we connect to study?
@2011-09-13 04:15:19
I am also interested in joining the group,pls let me know how can I catch you guys
@2011-09-21 02:32:37
I'm taking CFA level 1 in june... i want to join online study group too. contact me via fb or skype plz
@2011-10-12 07:00:03
Name : Debashis Dan
Age : 26
City/State/Country : Bangalore/Karnataka/India
Working as : Software Engineer
Educational Qualification : B.E.

I have received the materials last week. Planning to complete Ethics within a week, then do Quant & Financial Reporting till 31st December. Looking for study partners (online or offline) to discuss/share questions/doubts. Please include me in your group

My profile in Facebook has Debashis Dan with me in a blue tshirt
@2011-12-26 19:51:51
Hi, I just received my materials a week ago and I have started my studies. Find me on facebook (Jia-hang li) or skype (jay JH Li) :)

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