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@2003-07-15 12:32:27
Does anyone have opinion on Corporate finance book? Which book on Corporate Finance is best for managers in industry? Two names that come to my mind are by Damodaran and Breadley. Any sugestions?
@2003-07-29 18:13:42
check out

principles of corporate finance by richard brealy n stewart myers

financial management and policy by james van horne

best wishes
@2003-08-11 11:55:39
If you want to have a look on Indian books (which I strongly advise against), go for Prasanna Chandra. I had thought that this was really a good book in contrast to other available Indian books. I came to know later that Prasanna Chandra copied heavily from richard brealy n stewart myers. The guy lost my respect. Neverthless it is a good copy. But the point is that when original is available equally cheap, why to go for copy.

My sincere suggestion to you is that do not touch Indian books on Finance and investments even with barge pole. They copy shamelessly and badly. If you are in Bombay, you can get brealy and myers book from Sterling book depot in VT.

stumildren would you do me a favour. If you happen to visit any of the bookshops in India, kindly enquire regarding book on investment by William Sharp. Which edition they are having thesedays? I have 4th edition and I am exceedingly pleased with the book. I long to have 5th edition if available there. I am giving you this trouble because I am not based in India.

Rajiv Singh
@2003-08-12 10:34:50
Damodaran is the king!!!

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