AuthorTopic: opinions on AnalystNotes question bank
@2014-11-17 22:31:01
I'm reading through all of the CFAI books. After browsing through several old posts, it seems to be worthwhile to supplement the reading with some sort of study notes or practice questions.

Has anyone used the AnalystNotes question bank? For those who have taken the L1 exam, do you feel reading through the CFAI books and using the AnalystNotes practice questions in the last two months before the exam sufficient?

Thanks for your advice!
@2014-11-19 02:21:09
I've read it all and have the Qbank and I think the questions are useful and you get some cool LOS summaries.
@2014-11-29 07:09:06
They are quite good, especially the mock exams. My friend used them and passed last December.
@2014-11-30 13:10:18
Is the difficulty level on the testbank quite high? Almost need a shock to the system to prepare for exam. Anyone with any insights?
@2014-12-06 15:16:40
I find the exam questions on this site very useful. Even if I know the material back and forth sometimes I get a question wrong just because it was phrased differently (the way i didn't expect). And if not for the quality of the questions (which is quite good), the quantity is a very valuable resource, imho. I'd recommend them.
@2020-03-13 13:52:12
I found the review questions fairly challenging but did quite well from a percentile stand point. THe sample exams however were very challenging and I didd not do so well mainly because of the wording of some of the questions are tricky. They are both good practice and will better prepare you than stalla or schweser which, from experience are fairly easy comparatively.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.