AuthorTopic: part-time job opportunities with a CFA degree?
@2010-05-21 00:11:22
I have done my MBA and was working with a bank in the corporate Banking dept.I had taken a 4yr.break and am now keen to start working again. I am considering doing a CFA prog. I want to know what are the prospects of getting some job where i can work from home with a CFA degree? Or even a part time job? An early response to the above query would be highly appreciated.
@2010-05-24 14:09:03
well first of all, you cannot become CFA charter holder with working part time. (Assuming that you have not already worked 4 years.) CFA institute requires 4 years of full time work experience in investment or a CFA related field.
The work experience requirements can be met before, during, or after one completes the 3 level CFA program.

If you want to work at home, I guess trading would be a good option, as long as you have sufficient amount of risk capital.

With as little as I know, this is the best advice I could give you?
@2010-05-30 00:21:43
Trading doesn't sound like a bad option, though if I were you, I'd talk to some HR recruiters, try to leverage your previous work experience into a role that you can work from home.

Though Hagi10 is right, you need 4 years of experience, assuming you already have that, covering the CFA takes atleast 2.5 years, assuming you pass them all the first asking.

You may be useful as an outsourced analyst, I know Wachovia had a bunch in India from their research department. So something like that.

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