AuthorTopic: Pass rate for Level II
@2007-05-15 22:48:20
Anyone's got a few historical numbers? Percentage of correct answers, and percentage of candidates actually passed?
@2007-05-16 14:30:26
I guess the pass rate is a bit over 50%. I'd be interested in seeing the figures as well. Anyone?
@2007-05-17 00:49:41
since u guys are taking level 2, I was wondering what the "critical" number of "right" answers is for level 1 - 50 %, 70%.....?

@2007-05-17 16:48:52
there is no preset benchmark, since it depends on how the entire pool of applicants will perform, but if you are confident you can score 70%+, you more than likely will pass
@2007-05-19 18:02:26
Any other opinions?
@2007-05-27 23:59:57
My impression from what the CFA Institute has said is that if you can get above 70%, you'll pass. And I believe that only around 40-45% of test takers actually pass.

CFA Discussion Topic: Pass rate for Level II

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