AuthorTopic: Pass Rate in this Froum
@2004-07-12 22:48:46
I'm curious to know the pass rate of the people in using this forum. Is it above the overall pass rate? If so, it serves us well in having the information competitive advantge, such as which note is best, posting questions and solutions etc.
@2004-07-13 07:12:14
I know, most likely, I did not pass. first, I was not allowed in the test room on time. in order to get in, I've got to call from someone's cell straight to AIMR. Later, I confirmed with the legal advisor, whether I've presented all docs, that are sufficient to serve as an identification. However,I ve recieved a letter from AIMR, that basically suggests, that:
1. I 've violeted (sic!) the integrity by being rude to test staff (thou, it bwas hard to do from an outside parking lot, but who cares? It's not about the logic and reasoning).
2.But, they are going to "forgive" it.

The whole thing looks almost like the case of Dr. Lee (thou, on a MUCH LOWER scale), who was accused of all 59 "sins" back in 1998-99, held in custody for 9 month (sic!), and finally, released, as they CANNOT PROVE 58 (sic!) points of an accuisition. The only thing they've got, Dr. Lee copied the filen to a floppy (not passed it to anyone, just COPIED).

So, even they wrote, it has no impact on anything and "no further investigation neccessary" (sic!), I 've decided to ask AIMR to clarify their 'rude" in writing, as I am not neccesarily a big fun of lynching.

Also, I believe, it is an important social indicator. When the society goes to "Stalin's/ Mao's mode", then there is very little can be done. one would be much better off at JFK.

@2004-07-22 18:37:12
Hey Mike! You a CFA candidate too?! Must say that that comes as quite a surprise. Which level? Too bad about your test center experience though.

Wonder when the results are coming out? 22nd July is late enough in July and the anxiety is killing.
@2004-07-23 04:09:49
That's not me, just in case there's some misunderstanding.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt