AuthorTopic: Pass Rate Resistance Level
@2019-07-27 21:34:14
Given the perceived and in my opinion, real increase in difficulty level of the exams this year, I am waiting to see if the pass rates fall below 42% for levels 1 and 2. If they do, watch out everyone - they are heading south, over time to 35% for 1 and 2 and 50%+ for 3. Maybe even lower. Why? The incredible increase in candidates could flood the already shaky analyst market. This test could become a real barrier to entry to the profession. The twice a year test for 1's makes failing candidates even more acceptable, since the next exam is only 6 months away. This looks like the CPA exam all over again. I hope I am wrong.
@2019-08-18 08:53:48
Oh, please, do! First there was a railroad and a Jazz Age, then conglomerates, then a Big Internet / IT Deal, I hope we won't have a Great Wiz of downtown Manhattan (or London's City)

There are some folks who goes here just because of so-called 6 figures jobs, however these days those jobs can be found in a different fundations, supported by do good agencies, the military contractors or maybe still some Oily duddies.

We are looking forward to an inquisition and the public lynching of the latest and the greatest wrongdoers.

So, it may take years before it would be "back to normal" (Rudy), think about it. I think even being an IT's in the shadow of I-net bubble may bebetter. I pklay Buffett, i am long on CFA and I know, no matter what tech. analysis will say, there is no bloody way to outperform the market on a long run.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach