AuthorTopic: PASS!!!!!!
@2007-01-17 10:18:04
I passed Level I :) !!!!
How did you do?
@2007-01-17 11:35:15
same here!!!!
sooooo happy! & relieved!
@2007-01-17 12:26:58
Pass % based primarily on performance of top 1%

according to the 2004 Annual Report page 12
@2007-01-17 13:09:00
I can register for L2!
@2007-01-17 14:06:31
yeahhh baby .. L2 as well

good luck to all! Thanks the helpful analystnotes team! You rock!
@2007-01-17 14:22:45
YAY!!!! I can register for L2 as well!!!

I fervently hope this isn't a technical glitch.

Good luck everyone!
@2007-01-17 14:46:53
let's save the champagne and tears for when they do come out, shall we? we can all post our scores and go nuts trying to calculate the MPS using 40/60/80 rule, Fleming's right hand rule, Theory of relativity whatever
@2007-01-17 15:13:04
Level II, good work everybody. Looks like the people posting on here did pretty well!
@2007-01-17 15:32:18
l2!!!!! yesssss...the waiting was worse than the test
@2007-01-17 16:13:43
LII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll just hit the bars in a couple of hours. Goood Times!!!!
Good job everybody. Looks like the majority of people posting on this board cleared.
@2007-01-17 16:19:11
I can register for L2!! How am I supposed to get any work done today??
@2007-01-17 17:56:57
Congratulations to those who will pass.

But your joy will be dulled by the realization that studying for LII will be very disappointing compared to LI. Many of you will burn out faster than more of you would like to admit.

Ask yourself if rushing into LII registration right after LI is what's best for you.
@2007-01-17 18:52:45
well did anyone fail....howcome everyone passed....i'm keeping my emotions low...i want to double confirm...
@2007-01-17 22:09:37
congrats man - sign up for level II and just got my ebook pro version!
@2007-01-18 01:22:51
I failed.... disgusted...Now hell for the upcoming months before june.
@2007-01-18 01:56:54
Congrats to all of you that passed...all of the hard work paid off....well done

Can I ask - did you just use analystnotes or what other prep did you do

@2007-01-18 03:11:37
I passed. All night I am going to party
@2007-01-18 09:22:45
Most people tt posted on this particular discussion passed because they are users to AnalystNotes. Testimonial that this site really works. Though far from perfect, it nonetheless, works.
@2007-01-18 13:22:08
Passed, and thank goodness for that. To stevelaz: Used official texts -- very helpful as I had no formal finance education whatsoever -- and analystnotes questions and notes to review. In the last week or two, went over a few mock exams with a fellow candidate as well; talking questions over is a fantastic way to make sure you have the concepts down, which turned out to be the key as it is a very conceptual exam. Took one official exam from the CFA website, expensive but worth it to get familiar with the question format. Got higher than 70% in all sections but one (50-70% in alternative investments(?)). Hope that helps. Congrats to fellow passers -- and see you in level 2 -- best of luck next time for everyone else.
@2007-01-18 16:48:07
Lalalalalaaaa, I passed as well!!!

So when are you guys taking the L2? June 07 or will you wait until Jun 08?
Anyhow, it's a party time!!! BTW, amazing how many people on here passed as well. Kudos,!
@2007-01-20 16:17:27
I passed also.

Congratulation to those passed...

For those failed, don't let yourself too depressed and pls think what you did not good in the exam and correct it!!

I want to take this chance to thank Your notes, basic questions and mock exams helped me a lot.

I've no Finance nor Accounting background. I didn't take any courses nor join study group. I really felt hard especially face those concepts I didn't understand.

Thanks ALL of YOU who had left your comments & advices in AnalystNotes's "Comment" part. YOU explained to me what I didn't understand.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH and I will continue to use for level 2.
@2007-01-20 19:57:11
Very god job, guys!

I hope, next year this time I will also be one of those happy people who will have passed.

p.s. I'm surprised that some people without finance and accounting background did well. Impressive!!!
@2007-01-22 08:07:32
Congatulations to everyone who passed. I passed as well !!!

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