AuthorTopic: Passed Level 1 but my trouble finding a job and no one knows what the cfa is
@2019-07-02 00:30:36
So I passed Level 1 in December 2018. I had high hopes on finding a good job that pays around US$1,500 monthly (that is quite a nice salary here in Nicaragua), some of my friends earn around these figures and they have one major (I have 2, they maybe have 1 year and a half experience or so. One of my friends landed US$1,800 without job experience and with a management degree, which i also have. I have a finance degree and a global management degree). It is not over the roof salary as some of my friends do earn that amount. I do not have much experience. I have a 5 month experience at PwC but I quit because i hated it.

Anyway, i need help explaining in interviews or to people what the CFA means after you passed level 1. I once went to a bank interview and i told them i was a CFA I candidate (at that time) and she then proceeded to asking me if i planned to do a post graduate course… really?

I got called from a Claro the telephone company asking me about a job position, but they did not know what the CFA was, so they offer me low paying jobs not taking into account that I have passed Level 1. When i mean low paying i mean around $700 per month purely based on my college degrees.

I can't even enter to banks because they oversee my CFA I because they just do not know what it is. They just care if you graduated in the US. But this is stupid because I know my CFA I is way better than any Bachelor’s degree in the US. It is very frustrating that they oversee my efforts because they don’t even know what it is and what the focus of the program is.

EDIT: It may not be be better than a bachelor’s but most certain better than a 3 month post graduate. What I mean by better than a bachelor's is that CFA I topics and specifics is covered on the master's program. The bachelor's program covers the generality of level 1. Plus im already studying for level 2, so it might bring some insight as to how im improving my knowledge.
@2019-07-21 22:11:43
CFA L1 is not better than a Bachelors. lol

L1 is meaningless. It's not a designation.
@2019-08-08 09:45:06
It is most definite better than a post graduate (those courses are like 3 months long), they are like a concentration basically. It frustrates me that they do not recognize an added value.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz