AuthorTopic: Passing Mark: 63-65% will be required
@2009-03-02 07:12:04
63-65% will be required.
Use this formula: The one (1) percent top candidates will have a performance of 90-92.5%. This is the bench-mark.
You will need at least 70% of this bench-mark.
@2009-03-29 19:12:18
I heard from a former CFA Institute employee that the bar (pass rate) is established by a set of recurring questions from year to year. It has nothing to do with the exam scores overall. This is how they try and maintain a consistant level of knowledge from year to year.
I do agree that if you get a 63% you are in. I even think it may be lower.
Best of Luck!
@2009-04-03 11:58:16
I heard from the Archduke of Canterbury that CFA Institute will be granting passing grades to all who answered the question about the finance prof ethics question correctly....
@2009-04-07 15:37:18
got it wrong, but the asnwer was that you had to inform him. i had it right and changed it...stupid stupid stupid!!!
@2009-04-26 21:32:53
Thanks, you did well by only lowering the curve for the rest of us!
@2009-05-11 23:55:41
Does anyone know with certainty that CFAI actually gives discretionary passing grades based on choosing the correct answer to one question? Someone could have flunked every other question but that ethic question and aced the exame; and someone like the rest of us who spent hours studying would have to wonder if they pass even if they did ok with most other questions, simply because they did not answer this question correctly.
Looking at the whole ethics stuff in the CFA exams in a larger context, the way these questions are part of the designation seems to be similar to the government taxes imposed on the participants in the economy. Passing or not all boils down to how one can find a "shelter" to tackle these ethics questions.
@2009-05-15 14:09:20
It sounds like you are a little confused. CFAI does not pass someone based on one question. They stress the importance of Ethics by creating a bubble for passing or failing. Example; If the passing score for the exam is 65% and you get a 63%. CFAI will look at how well you did on ethics. If you pass ethics they will pass you. However, if you score a 66% a flunk ethics they will fail you.
The question is...
What is the passing score for ethics?
@2009-05-18 21:55:09
I heard -- the passing score is 70% of the top 1% grades. And 1% grades is usually 97%, therefore 68% or so for passing score. Plus, all sections are treated equally meaning as long as you earn more than the passing score, it doesn't matter if you screwe up in any individual sections.
@2009-05-25 16:15:34
Wouldn't it be nice to have full disclosure of scoring/passing? Maybe the Institute should even post the correct answers after the exam.
@2009-06-06 07:19:18
Full disclosure--

If you want information on how CFA Institute scores the exam, why not go to the source? They have the information posted on the website. Okay, it's not as simple as "You need to get 70% correct", but the information is there for anyone who really wants to know.

These forums are helpful and supportive, but it's amazing how much misinformation is generated by former employees of the Archduke of Canterbury.

I suggest spending more time studying the materials and less reading misinformation.

Good luck.
@2009-06-19 04:52:33
It is 70% and above that on average. My first attempt gained 67% and i did not pass it! However, the second attempt was awarded with more than 70% and i did it. You should not be misled by the speculation that the passing mark is less than 70%.

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