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@2018-02-06 16:09:40
I think most people will agree that FRA is the most difficult topic on the exam. It is for me at least. I think I will do miserably on FRA. Here's the question to all of you. If a candidate excels in every section of the exam but fails FRA miserably, do you think the candidate will pass?

Say I score 80% on every section of the exam except FRA, but I score 40% on FRA, do you think I would pass? So basically, that would be basically 9 scores in the >75% range and 1 failing(<50%) score.

What do you guys think?
@2018-03-04 11:39:38
For the sake of test itself you can fail multiple sections and still pass the exam. Though I dont know to what extent you excel and whatever matrix this adds up to the total percentage. Pass rate is probably around 65-70%

Don't give it up try secret sauce/youtube etc. You can surely nail it down.

Much of the command words in level 1 ask you to, define/discuss/evaluate etc.

Good luck !!

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