AuthorTopic: Pattern of the way result emails were sent
@2015-07-28 23:09:00
Almost 24 hours after the long waiting game and the high adrenaline result day, dusts seem to settle. Congrats and good luck in L2 in June 2016 for those who passed, and don?t give up in December for those who did not as the rest of us are waiting for you to aboard the June 2016 L2 flight next time.

We seem to have a pattern of how they send out result emails.

* They started to send results only after 8:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4:00 for summer) at CFA HQs.

* The first L1 result post to this thread at 8:05 am

* They sent results in batches according to time zones in the same direction of the Earth rotation, starting from the International Date Line (UTC +12:00) in New Zealand and Fiji, going West, until it finished at the other end of the International Date Line (UTC -11:00) at American Samoa and Midway Island.

* Generally, people in Australia, New Zealand, and the Far East Asia received their result first, and then India, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and finally to those in the North and South America.

* However, some people in U.S. / Canada were among the first batches to receive the results. E.g. My result email time-stamped at 8:35 am (Toronto, Canada), and someone got his/her at 6 am at San Francisco ( 9 am at CFA HQs).

* Most L1 results were sent before L2 results.

If you discover more pattern for the email results, please share your thoughts.
@2015-07-28 06:09:43
Put your focus into studying rather than trying to find patterns in things that don't matter. After waiting 60 days, a 1 hour difference is nothing.
@2017-01-20 11:22:39
Just found this thread .. wondering if CFAI would do the same thing in January .. I am quite bored waiting for the result.
@2018-02-08 19:03:32
Waste of time

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