AuthorTopic: paypal down?
@2004-10-12 07:11:17
I've tried to use Paypal to make the payment for the past 2 - 3 days but it seems to me that Paypal's down. Is this so? What payment alternatives do I have?
@2004-10-12 10:53:30
Yes I think so too. Surprisingly it's down for at least three days for such a big site. I cannot pay my membership fee, and I cannot even clear my ebay listings. What a shame for paypal!
@2004-10-12 14:01:04
yes it's down. Do a search of 'Paypal down' in Google and you will find out lots of threads on this topic.

Here is one:

Quote: 'Four days is way too long for any company to be having accessibility issues. The "software upgrade" excuse just doesn't make sense to me.....unless they're saying they run live without any backup....hahahaha!'

I guess I have to use western union to send my payment.

@2004-10-12 16:08:30
Paypal, on its first page, asks users to be 'patient' while it is having this so called 'technical problem'. I am a patient guy normally but this is not tolerable... Does anybody know when the problem will be resolved by Paypal?
@2004-10-12 17:22:01
I've been using paypal since before it was popular on eBay and this is the worst I've ever seen it.

There's got to be some major bad stuff going on behind the scenes right now and phone calls and emails at this point would be usless.

I'm sure they are doing all they can to fix the problems.


@2004-10-12 20:07:43
Here is what I found on Paypal:

We understand the PayPal site issues may be impacting many of you and your ability to do business with PayPal on and off eBay, and we apologize for this situation. We would like to update you on the current status and the efforts being made to resolve these issues.
Today, access to PayPal continues to be intermittent. Some members are able to log in to the site and make payments and perform other activities, although they may be experiencing very slow system responses. Other members are not able to get in right away, or at all. PayPal users may also be having problems with their debit cards.

Sellers who use PayPal shipping functionality may be having problems shipping products to their buyers, and buyers may be experiencing difficulties paying sellers. We encourage members to be patient with trading partners as we work to improve PayPal access.

These PayPal issues are the result of unforeseen problems that resulted when a new code base to upgrade the site architecture was introduced to the PayPal platform on Friday morning. The code worked well when tested and during the first hours of launch. Unfortunately, problems handling peak levels of traffic developed later in the day that created intermittent availability and errors for members. These problems have continued in varying degrees since Friday.

Account data and personal information have not been compromised by these issues. eBay and PayPal technical teams are working at full force to fix the underlying problems and improve site access.

We will continue to update you on the status of this situation.


@2004-10-12 21:03:26
I think the problem's been fixed. I just used it to pay.

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