AuthorTopic: People, thanks to you all, I passed.
@2006-07-26 08:08:54
Analyst notes is the best.I can vouch for it now. Thanks to this forum, which helped me clear so many of my doubts, the excellent notes and the thousands of questions. Waiting to hear from others. Thank you all, once again.
@2006-07-26 08:27:25
I passed! Thanks to Mike and his analystnotes team!
@2006-07-26 08:52:57

The result's Out


Level 2 candidate now. Hope this site will continue to help me pass again.
@2006-07-26 10:43:33
See you all in level 2!
Thank you all!
@2006-07-26 11:06:24
phew....passed....though I am still shaking....
@2006-07-26 11:59:55
Passed. all sections > 70%. Great job AnalystNotes.COM!
@2006-07-26 12:13:32
I took 2005 dec and failed, and I passed it this time! I have to say that the mock exams here helped a lot!
@2006-07-26 12:21:23
AJF...*happy tears*
@2006-07-26 12:53:48
I passed and I completely ACED it. I got >70% in all topic categories.
Multiple Choice Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70%
- Alternative Assets 12 - - *
- Derivatives 12 - - *
- Economics 24 - - *
- Equity Analysis 24 - - *
- Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - - *
- Financial Statement Analysis 68 - - *
- Fixed Income Analysis 24 - - *
- General Portfolio Management 12 - - *
- Quantitative Analysis 28 - - *

Given that I started studying in the last week of March, with no finance background, I couldn't be happier. Congrats to everyone that passed and thanks to many people whose nicks I am forgetting for helping out on this forum!!

This calls for a celebration!!

@2006-07-26 13:11:49
Passed. LII time.
@2006-07-26 19:26:56
cleared the first hurdle, hope to see u all in June 07 Level 2.

congrats to all!
@2006-07-27 04:28:40
Hello there,

I don't recognize any name... but I would like to say that I have passed the level I...

@2006-07-27 04:30:13
I don't know how, but I passed as well. I only had 3 categories above 70%, and 2 below 50%. The rest were 50-70%. Needless to say, I scraped by. However, I could not have done it without this site. I plan on taking LII in June 07, and also on using this site (in conjunction with the CFA material). Thank you! I am now one step closer.
@2006-07-27 05:02:30
I passed too. Good one . I have signed up for Level II. No discount for Analystnotes for Level II, for those who have taken up the notes in Level I?
@2006-07-27 06:21:08
I passed. Thank God. This site was a great help. The notes really make a difference. I reccomend this site to all CFA candidates. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
@2006-07-27 17:43:54
Same here. After the mocks, the real exam was really walk in the park.

The results say I had >70% in all sections but I am kinda confident I scored close to 100%. Anyway that really doesnt matter.

See you at level II guys and congrats to all of you who made it.
@2006-07-27 20:04:12
Did you folks study soley on the Analyst Notes? Should I purchase books? I really don't have a time to read the Notes and the books.

Also should I purchase other commercially available notes as well just to be safe? (Schw.. so on).

Also when is the mock exam available? I'm a registered member.
@2006-07-29 22:18:22
what is the difference between the level 1 and level 2 test?

also: did anyone just use this site to pass level 2
@2006-07-31 01:02:24
I also recently passed the Level I.
Didn't use the notes from analystnotes though.
Also wondering, have anyone passed the exam by solely relying on the notes from analystnotes?
@2006-07-31 17:36:06
Thanks to Analyst notes. I passed Level I. Meet u guys in Level II next year. The mock exams were good. It really helped. Hope everyone use this site. Got >70% in almost everything except Ethics. But still that doesnt matter.
@2006-08-01 20:22:04
Thank you!!!I passed, barely. Got less than 50 on derivs, pm and equity, more than 70 on ethics and quant, in the middle for all other areas. Failed in dec before I found this site. See ya in level 2.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh