AuthorTopic: Petition for a test center in San Jose, CA
@2003-03-09 15:09:00
Are there CFA candidates who would like to see a regular test center in San Jose, CA? These are AIMR's requirements.

1) 50 candidates must request the same city
2) A Member Society or Chapter of AIMR must request the same city (need help on this one)
3) AIMR must be able to establish an exam center which meets its security criteria.

I doubt (3) would be a problem. I need some feedback on (1). And if anyone can help out with (2), that would be just incredible!
@2003-03-27 06:49:37
I assume you took the CFA exam in San Francisco at the Billy Graham Auditorium? I work in San Jose, CA in a local tech company and would love to see a South Bay test center but
I doubt it would happen. I think meeting the three requirements below is only a minimum for consideration. Since AIMR has seems to still have space in the
current San Francisco location, do you think they'll have the incentive to create a new one?
Also, since San Jose is "only" (in the eyes of AIMR) 50 miles from San Francisco, I don't know if they consider this to be a far enough distance.I'll see I know anyone who fits the second criteria.
@2003-04-03 10:36:56
What's the big deal of taking it in San Francisco. It's only an hour drive and if you can put up with the drive the book a room in the city the previous night. One year it was in San Mateo and the drive down there wasn't bad either. Don't worry about the little things. Just focus on studying and let AIMR figure out the rest.
@2003-06-02 17:55:28
I hate such an attitude. I don't know about you. But I take my car when getting groceries from a store that is 20-minute walk away. I bet you a lot of people do it. Why? It's more convenient!The results and the new syllabus aren't out yet. I have time to fret about the small things for now.I am not certain whether AIMR will accommodate us. But heck, it's worth a try. After all the exam registration fees aren't all that cheap!I felt there were too many candidates at the Billy Graham Center. After the exams, I am quite certain that some of the students spent half their break time just waiting to use the washrooms. And the traffic congestion caused by very considerate parents or other significant halves waiting for the candidates.I believe a South Bay test center can happen if there is sufficient number of candidates. We just have to give a shot. Please pass the word along.
@2003-06-10 21:33:16
blah blah blah.

You sound like such a sissy. You weak girly man can't drive to San Francisco to take a test early. Are you afraid of not getting enough beauty sleep? Afraid that the people will see bags under your eyes because the little fairy princess is facing to big bad exam. You need to wake up. You need to eat more protein and stop being a little girlie man. You're puny little arms and your weak anemic condition cannot take the rigors of a long commute so you wish to have a test center that is close enough to walk to. Well let me step aside so that you can have a manicure so that your hands can look pretty and your nails will be nice and shiny so that your hands will be the envy of everyone in your table. No this isn't the way to be a CFA. What you need to do is go out and hunt a moose and hang its head above your study table so that it'll remind you of what you need to do. CFAs do speak sissy so if you have to wake up early, wake up early. If you have to drive from San Jose to San Francisco in your Volkswagen Beetle then drive in your Beetle. Be a man.
@2003-06-16 10:31:32
Good luck with that.....the exam is stressful enough without having to travel to take it. AIMR's real requirements may be more stringent tha the ones they admit to, though.2 years ago, the test center where I used to sit in Canada was closed down, even though there were several hundred candidates sitting/writing/taking the exam there the previous year, and the test had gone very smoothly.
Instead, local candidates now have to travel 120 miles to Toronto, where the exam is given under far less pleasant conditions in a huge hall. I've always suspected the AIMR logic was that they could save $$$ by closing the test center and just adding a few hundred more places to the several thousand already sitting in Toronto.Having said that, good luck in your endeavour.

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