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@2009-10-28 11:18:45
I just got a phone call telling me I have a phone interview for a job in London (Im in toronto). Has anyone got any suggestions on how to handle this. Ive never had one before and it looks like this one is going to have to be at 6am.
@2009-10-31 22:54:08
it depends on the job description.
If they're going to ask you technical questions, you'd be advised to have books/notes/etc
at hand so you can cheat and look the answer up quickly in the event you don't know it,
ditto a calculator just in case you need it.
@2009-11-06 10:35:12
I just got a phone interview. No real way to handle it. Sit in front of the computer in case there are technical questions. I hope you feel comfortable speaking on the phone and can carry yourself well. Those things you can't really prep for. Good luck with it.
@2009-11-11 11:55:59
thanks guys.
The interview is for an Ibanking position. Im pretty sure I know how to answer the technical questions. Most of them will be about valuations and ratios. Plus some accounting.
@2009-11-30 10:03:50
shouldnt be ne worries at all the more u think abt it more u gonna get confused , do it as normal ones + keep accesories like calculator, pc with u or place ur phone near to "pc table" plus "do have a copy of ur present resume with u" it will surely gonn abe a plus .


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