AuthorTopic: Plan of attach for Dec exam
@2020-03-01 03:41:39
I just completed the Quant section, what should my plan of attack be at this point? Should I start Ethics (or save for the end) or move onto Corp Finance or FRA now. I have a ton of time before I actually have to put the pedal to the metal but I definitely want to maximize the time that I have from now until the test.
@2020-03-07 11:52:18
Good information, I just started with Time Value of Money and had planned on going in order, then saving Ethics for last but I think I will go to FRA next.

@2020-03-20 04:07:49
Yeah make sure you master the bigger pieces and therefore get a higher overall score. you can get 100% on 3 questions and 50% on 20 questions and fail.

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Craig Baugh