AuthorTopic: Planing to take CFA exams 2016!
@2015-12-23 13:22:22
HI All,I am a engineer and would like to take the CFA exam. I wanted to know how to go about and help in planning for 2016 exam. All the help will be appreciated ...
@2016-01-01 22:12:35
Ajay, you have an engineering background just like me! which one? I am an Mech. Engineer. Comming out of an engineering school obviously you have a very strong math background. You'll do extrmely well in the quant sections. The sections you'll have problems with are probably accounting, economics and ethics, so I would start with these subjects first. Know the financial markets inside and out, and believe or not your greatest challenge would probably be passing the Level I exam. Level II and III are much more analytical, and giving your problem-solving background (which is what an engineer does anyway) you have a leg on the other competitors, good luck!!!
@2016-01-15 01:24:37
Hi, I am a Chinese working at a consulting company in investment group for 4 months.
my background is Biology, but the company required me to take CFA, so it's really a pain in the neck.
but the study materials are easy to get and much cheaper in China. I will choose Analyst Notes to study since many people use it and passed exam.
@2016-02-20 15:25:55

I plan to give my CFA in 2016 too. but i do not have any basic knowledge in accts/eco for that matter..since i am a chemistry graduate. can u please specify particular books where i can get the basics and later work on the notes ?

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