AuthorTopic: Planning to take the exam...
@2016-11-06 14:58:32
Ive been reading the forums for quiet some time now and more and more Iam getting motivated to start this program.....

But i am not sure. I am a senior in college majoring in Finance from Hofstra University which isn't a top tier University. I have a passion for equity research/portfolio management but right now I have no experience with being an Investment professional. Should I put the CFA program on hold and get my Series 7 & 63 to get my foot in the door and then start focusing on the cfa? Have you guys encountered anything similar to what iam going through? Whats is the best course of action would you guys advise. Thank you all in advance.

-Sean Sal.
@2017-03-25 12:43:33
Yo, I go to SUNY OW. I'm senior over there too (finance) . Im studying for June, if I fail I can redo it in December which will coincide with graduation. I say just get level one done at least. Prob better than a broker license. What classes u got right now? The prof's any good over there, mine are so so. Although one years tuition at Hofstra is about as much as my degree.

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