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@2010-05-01 12:34:45
Folks, I was reading through the various posts about the value of the CFA etc. and would like to get your opinion on my situation.

I am working for an oil company in Toronto as a business analyst in the planning and analysis group and have been working for them just over 5 years. I have also just passed Level 2. Given the state of the economy and given that I am in Toronto and not in NY or some other financial centre, I am struggling to find the institution somewhere in Toronto where I could apply for a job - and based on Vault career guide - in the research department of the buy side firm. Something in the general area of research and analysis, as I tend to enjoy those activities.

What are your thoughts? Stick with the current employer, get past Level 3, then start looking for a place that will resemble what I described above and will give me recognized work experience? Get more education?

Just no cheap shots please - looking for options here folks.

Appreciate your help,

@2010-05-03 17:41:12
Decide what companies you want to work for and look at their web sites to see whether there are any openings. A lot of the investment companies are only taking job applications from their websites.
@2010-05-05 10:00:26
You may be able to leverage your experience to get a sell side associate position. This would help you break into to the business. There are many types of Business analysts - Some Bus. Analyst positions do competitive intelligence and strategic planning. You may do this in the Healthcare industry or for an airline where it would give you a unique understanding of the business. You may find a sell side analyst that will give you a shot if you have a unique understanding of the business.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt