AuthorTopic: please help me! I need CFA L1 materials.
@2006-09-17 14:41:15
First, my English is not very good, so if I have any mistake in my sentence, I'm so sorry.
I live in Vietnam, my country is very poor,the financial market has not been developed yet, I have had a bachelor's degree in accountancy and I want to take CFA. But in my country, there are very few people known about the CFA, and there are very few materials to study to pass this exam, so at the moment I need the CFA L1 materials.
So if you have any CFA L1's materials such as: books, ebooks, notes, lectures... please give me. Thank you very much.
My address:
52-bt2-bac linh dam-hoang mai-hanoi-vietnam
Postal code:84
@2006-09-22 02:29:50
I have actually contacted CFA to get permission to give the CFAI 2006 level 1 materials as a gift. They said it would be fine as long as I tell you that the books can only be used for Dec 2006 exam.If I could have your name and e-mail address I will send them off.
@2006-10-01 11:12:51
Dear hkdlw,

My name Tuan. I would like to have the CFA 2006 level 1 materials. Thank you very much.
@2007-01-03 13:36:35
Did you receive the material from hkdlw, congminh52?

CFA Discussion Topic: please help me! I need CFA L1 materials.

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