AuthorTopic: Please help me pass L-1! Abandon Insistute matierial?
@2010-04-17 19:13:47
Please help me formulate a plan to pass Level 1 in June. Ive fallen deeply behind in my studies due to working and undergrad studies in finance. I have only completed 300 pages of Institute reading.

I have been given 2010 schweser and stalla notes, Stalla 2010 flashcards from previous candidates. I also purchased Analystnotes for the practice exams. Given the access to all of this material, what is my best strategy of study? Has anyone passed without using the institute material? It seems very redundant given my current related course load.

Starting in May, I will have approximately 35 days of no commitments (no work, etc.) What is my best strategy for having a chance at passing? Has anyone "crammed" with success?

CFA Discussion Topic: Please help me pass L-1! Abandon Insistute matierial?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!