AuthorTopic: Pls help - which calculator HP or TI???
@2003-11-03 06:09:10

I knew it! Procrastination always gets me. I have been putting off buying either of the calculators HP12C or TI BAII Plus and need to decide one as I want to become comfortable with it before the exam (duh!).

I have read reviews from strong supporters of both - so is there anyone who can simplify the issue? Ofcourse I want one which I can learn quickly but the trade off should not be slow calculations (as I hear for the TI) or other similar things which will tick me off during the exam. Quick replies are appreciated as I need to mail (internet) order the damn thing!!!
@2003-11-03 11:00:50
Go for TI..And I believe TI is better/faster than BAIIplus..and
its much cheaper..i use a Ti and have no complaints.
@2004-01-19 11:48:13
Read thread:
"Which calculator to use?"

There is the same discussion going on.

I have HP.
@2004-01-23 21:12:15
Do not get the HP12C... I even bought the HP12 Platinum and certain calculations take like 20-25 seconds just to come up on the display.

Biggest complaint most have on these exams is the time factor, save your money and get the BAIIPlus... Also, TI is coming out with a BAIIPlus Professional in the fall that looks awesome!

@2004-01-25 22:16:17
Oh crap! I bought the HP 12C Plantinum...yes, it's slow and expensive but apparently it's the industry (banking/trading) standard. I've been told that when it comes to entering the data, using reverse polish notation allows you to cut down on key strokes, though this is outweighed by the time the 12C takes to perform the calculations...sometimes, this is ages.
On the finance side of things, 12C is great. On the statistics side of things, 12C doesn't have any useful shortcuts e.g. performing mean and variance calculations can be very tedious. I'm just hoping that there is far more finance on the exam than statistics, otherwise I'm going to be pressed for time.
@2004-02-02 16:15:09
When I use TI i encounter a lot of answers( examples) do not match. I use stalla notes and CFACenter notes for my prep, Can any one advice me if TI is good to give accurate answers.
Because so far many examples I have punched in, the answers turn out to be different than the answers shown in the example, even though I type exactly the same way as show.
@2004-05-13 09:36:14
try - casio g series
@2004-07-07 07:52:58
WHich one to buy HP 12 C or Texas? What's the pros and cons of both?

Sunita A (Mauritius)
@2004-07-28 20:04:23
Hi can anybody please help me in selecting the best calculator and the best website to get it from.
@2004-09-05 21:59:51
I got a TI BAII plus from - $27.99
@2004-09-08 05:33:51
TI BA2 plus... There can be no other ! Its the best... I have used it for some time now and it zips info in a jiffy with sharp results. But u need to spend a day learning how to use it after which...its a breeze !
@2004-09-08 14:12:53
get the TI BA 2 plus professional, only $45 at it has more features then the old TI version and looks a lot better.
@2004-09-12 05:59:43
Yeah I also have BA 2 plus. i Have nothing to complain about it.

Sri Lanka.
@2004-09-17 05:01:53
I am in mumbai..where can I buy the BA II Plus Professional calculator.
@2004-09-19 00:15:10
With the BA 2 plus, i found that is so comfortable to used it.
@2004-09-23 07:13:55
HP 12C - standard issue on most desks, so good to be familiar with. RPN much faster, and contrary to a review above, you CAN quickly compute mean/variance if you know where to look. But regardless, the main thing is to become really familiar with the model you wind up picking - that's what will give you speed.
@2005-04-13 10:51:50

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!