AuthorTopic: PLZ, comment here!
@2003-06-09 14:21:49
hi every cfacandidates!
hope that this site was helpful for you, i hope that every one who has used mainly this site for the cfa exam tell us to which extenthow the content of this site was helpful for him?
@2003-06-10 13:09:42
I think the morning was much harder than cfacenter. The afternoon was like the mock exams. I suffered in the morning, but totally kick ass in the afternoon.
I've heard that AIMR wants to weed out the very weak in the morning and give the strong a pass in the afternoon. I thought about going home after the morning session, but didn't. I am sure many other candidates did hang it up after the morning session... Big Mistake!
@2003-06-11 02:35:33
I am pretty confident that I will pass. I think no matter the morning session or afternoon session, this web site has everything on its study notes. BUT.......the basic question is far away from the real question. SO.....I suggest you still study LOS notes, remember everything and concept clearly, you should pass then. the real ethic book, I find it very difficult this year, and cfacenter's notes is not enonugh (good but amount is not enough) on this part.


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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh