AuthorTopic: Plz help - question on Equity
@2014-10-09 03:11:20
Study Session 13 is really elaborate in the CFA text. Now, with only 55 days to go for the December L1 exam, will studying that matter only from Analyst Notes suffice? I'm kinda pressed put for time. Suggestions?
@2014-10-12 19:12:36
I ran out of time as well and did not read the equity sections 13 and 14. I read some other materials before I received the CFAI books and the analyst notes. Luckily equity was not as huge of a percentage as ethics, quant and fsa because I scored less than 70% on equity but still passed level 1. So it depends on what your other strong areas are as well.
Good luck
@2014-11-18 15:52:35
I would suggest browsing the material and answering numerous questions on a test-bank software if you have it. just a bit of familiarity and a lot of rigor could get you through.

CFA Discussion Topic: Plz help - question on Equity

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!