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@2014-11-21 17:39:43
I friend of mine informed me of an opening as a Portfolio Mgr. Assistant, and suggested this may be a foot in the door type opportunity. He described it as a mostly trading position, executing trades for the PM's. Can anyone shed some light on their take on what the position is all about, whether it's a dead-end, etc., given that I'm looking to get into equity research?
@2014-11-22 22:31:43
Sounds like a good entry-level position that gets you into the front-office with potential for career advancement.

In my experience such a job can be anything from answering the phones and basic admin functions through to some basic analysis, carrying out background research for the portfolio managers, etc. It depends very much on the particular fund manager and what he's after, how much he wants to delegate, how much training he's willing to give you and so on.

Its probably worth interviewing for and then sounding them out about what precisely the job would entail.
@2015-02-14 10:02:21
I started out in that position, here is my take.

I'm sure it is different in every firm, but where I work I have grown mostly into a port. construction, trading, currency trading position. Research is an entirely different department, although we do collaborate from time to time on ideas. Research basically creates models, we look at the output and decide what to do.

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