AuthorTopic: Possible real life Ethics scenario. For Canadians.
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Canada: I am in charge (to some extent) of hiring new recruits to our firm as associates/assistants for our Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers. The associates? job includes routine client contact, answering queries, and doing basic research for clients and basic advisory services.

Having received a new resume for an impressive new potential associate, I call him in for a job interview. Resume is quite impressive. Studied in London. Great transcript, story checks out, will be writing his Canadian Securities Course soon (similar to Series 7), etc.

HOWEVER, through reasons I won't into detail here, I have come to suspect that this individual does not have a Permanent Resident status in Canada. This concerns me because I now don?t know if this individual is even eligible to work in Canada.

If I pass this on to the hiring department for further review without investigating the matter further myself would I be in violation of:

The Standard relating to Professionalism: Knowledge of the Law?

The Standard relating to Duty to Employer?
@2019-05-16 23:00:09
This might be helpful, only a guideline though.

My experience in Canada, you as an interviewer would ask whether a candidate is eligible to work in Canada, if NO, stop right there or if you REALLY like the guy, offer him the job and get him to apply for the permit; if YES, pass the ball to HR, HR should be responsible to verify all work related documents including the work permit for foreigners, once everything checked, offer the job. This should apply in most Canadian banks.

Generally it is a very easy and fast process to get a work permit with or without an offer, if the candidate is qualified.

CFA Discussion Topic: Possible real life Ethics scenario. For Canadians.

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