AuthorTopic: Possible to start too early?
@2019-10-12 02:53:18
Have heard some say that starting for example now for L1 in June could actually be detrimental - long lead in time meaning you forget what you've learned in the beginning. Some individual variation here I'm sure but anyone feel they didn't do as well by starting too early?
@2020-01-04 02:21:46
I started studying in February 2019 and took level 1 in June. The first book I started with was FRA. Around May I realized that I started forgetting things (specially those many differences between US GAAP and IFRS).

As you can imagine, if you start now you'll forget a lot of things by the time you start revising the material next year.

BUT, you'll recall everything after a little bit of time spent in the weeks before the exam.

So ultimately the decision comes down to how much time you think you'll need and be able to commit. If you have no background in finance/Econ, start now. You'll need the hours to grind through the basics. Otherwise, starting this year might work fine, specially if you have school/work that needs your full effort now.

Hope that helps.

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