AuthorTopic: Practice Problems
@2009-02-02 15:39:23
Hi guys,

Do you know where we can find more practice problems chapterwise as given in cfa main notes.

Are the mock test of analystnotes be similar to those in actual exam

Thanks & cheers
@2009-02-02 17:36:32
From my experience of last December's exam, mock questions of this site were harder than the real questions. I am a level 2 paid member now and too bad there's no mocks for level 2.
@2009-02-03 14:37:26
Thanks. I can come to the assumption that if i can solve the analystnotes mock tests correctly I am certain to get through L1 CFA...
@2009-02-16 08:46:00
hey' cud u pls email me some and more of the practice still not akin to surfing a first timer i don.t know what to do...
@2009-02-21 03:33:54
please email me some problems as this is my first time as well

@2009-03-12 16:18:07
I myself am not able to find the practice problems other than those in the cfa study notes...I am trying to find as to where can we find more practice problems

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