AuthorTopic: Pre-requisites for CFA
@2016-05-23 01:39:15
I have done Bachelors of Commerce from India which is a 3 years bachelors degree.
I do not have any work experience.
Am I eligible to enroll in to CFA program? Or do I need a 4 years bachelors degree?
@2016-05-29 12:27:17
Dear Friends,

As I have seen CFA by ICFAI in India has the same curriculum as that of CFA Institute.

Please advise which one is better?

Please assist.

@2016-06-23 06:38:23
as far as i am concerned..the cfa from cfa institute is indian cfa..that is cfa from icfai (hyderabad) is not recognized in USA and Canada.

but indian cfa does not need any work-experience and is cheaper.

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