@2013-03-12 04:10:13
I am trying to get a consensus on what study materials to use. I used Schweser for L1 and flunked. Their materials seemed way too easy compared to what was on the exam. I even went to the NYSSA 3day intensive review which was a total waste of time. I am leaning towards analystnotes for reading highlights and practice questions. I appreciate any feedback.
@2013-03-30 13:52:29
Having seen all the discussions in the forum I am of the opinion that there no pefect "model" for CFA studies, although this web site provides the best return on my investment. One has to decide what suits best to him.
@2013-05-11 08:01:41
i think stall explains better. i use 3 of them right now..Now, i m overwhelmed by the amount i have to's ur preparation???
@2013-05-18 08:52:51
i did d analyst notes aftr readin schweser n scored 72%, aftr readin cfa textbook it came down to 60% n den 50%, wat do i do, it's so annoying to read thru so much n score so suggestions
@2013-06-05 10:32:16
I used allen resources for my last sitting and flunked, band 10 - it has a wide variety of questions but i found in some areas it had conflicting explanations with that of cfa institute. I am re-sitting in dec 13 and thought i would give analyst notes a chance. so far i have found most of the questions way tougher than allen resources.which is great for me,am aiming for at least 80% on all all my practice exams.currently am ranging 75% to 84%.good luck with choosing your prep provider!
@2018-08-10 05:07:34
My friend solely used AnalystNotes last year for his Level 1 exam and passed first time (while only referring to the curriculum for difficult areas). I am looking to do the same.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!