AuthorTopic: Preparation for level 1 exam...this Dec.!
@2017-09-18 11:37:57
Hello everyone,

I have registered to the exam for level 1 for december last week and after receiving the books and reading the first 10 pages of the ethics seems that i have way too much of reading to do left!

I need to just review what is necessary for this test, do you guys recommend buying the analyst notes along with the practice exams or what? please everyone help me...

thank you, and god bless you all!
@2017-11-04 21:49:08
Hey , I'm taking my cfa level 1 this coming dec as well. I bought my analyst notes which I think quite useful and handy as well. Currently , im using this notes , and only refer to CFA book if i cannot understand some concepts. Once , u finish each study session , i suggest u do questions at the back of cfa books. Good Luck.

CFA Discussion Topic: Preparation for level 1 exam...this Dec.!

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Colin Sampaleanu