AuthorTopic: Preparing for CFA: are classes compulsory?
@2019-07-31 02:59:06
Hello, I am due to take the Level 1 CFA exam in December. I am going be getting classes for this on the weekends and there is also one MCQ session on Tuesdays. To my understanding there are going to be 18 study sessions and mock exam practice. Is this a standard CFA attaining procedure? If I move away to a different city (should I attain a job elsewhere) and am unable to continue the study sessions etc will I be at a serious disadvantage for L1 preparation?

Thank you.
@2019-09-20 01:00:09
Textbooks come with the exam registration, its up to you if you want to go through them yourself or get somebody to teach you.

Attending classes do have certain advantages however. For example you will get into this study habit for sure because you have spent money on the classes and you want to get as much as possible out of the session.

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