AuthorTopic: Preperation - how to start?
@2016-01-28 04:17:12
Hi, writing the level 1 in June, 4 months to go... doing equities and fixed income to start off, so ethics and quant and financial analysis closer to the exam, can i do it in 4 months, any suggestions how to go about studying?
@2016-02-13 23:39:04
Can anyone suggest how to start with the preparations of L1 considering that I dont have any financial background to begin with.
And then how to proceed as I go along .
@2016-03-09 11:47:40
i covered the material in order, and allowed sufficient time at the end for review.

remember you are being tested on taking 2 x 3 hour multiple choice exams, and in the final days this is what you need to practise.

Don't get dis-heartened as you plod through some of the material, you will get to the end if you stick at it.

Do all the EOC and post-it note the ones you found hard so you can re-visit.

Do as may mocks as you can, the exam q's were quite similar!

@2016-03-31 07:17:03
I had similar queries though i started with FRA.
@2016-04-03 07:54:56
I passed my level 1 last June, and I will advise that you start with FSA SO DAT U FULLY UNDERSTAND IT AS IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC....And do the Ethics just before the exams.....
@2016-04-04 09:50:17
Hey. You think if I start preparing now and will study for 16-18 hours a week I will get a good chance at passing the exam. I dont have much finance background in finance. I have a marketing degree. Any thoughts on that?
@2016-11-26 06:35:52
I would go through the 18 study sessions in order, except for portfolio management, which I would study last because it uses information from some of the other study sessions. So I would look at Ethics first, reading the material and answering as many questions as I could. A lot of candidates don't put as much effort into Ethics as they should, but it's 15% of the Level 1 exam and the questions aren't always so easy and straightforward. I'm a big believer in space learning--When I look at material a few weeks later, it makes a lot more sense to me because my subconscious mind has had a chance to learn the material while I'm not think about it consciously. (At least I hope it works that way...)
@2019-04-26 03:56:18
Start level I preparation by reading the basic topics from CFA curriculum. The level I curriculum is structured in a way which doesn't require much of initial knowledge of finance domain. You may focus on certain topic areas (i.e economics, ethics) initially and then move on to other topics to get a grip over curriculum. Further you can also avail services of test providers to prepare for the exam in a structured way.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt