AuthorTopic: Prerequisite reading?
@2018-01-12 15:43:49
Looking for any recommended prerequisite or "fundamentals" type books that are good to read pre-studying. I'll order the analyst pro version today and before digging in I'd like to brush up on basics of quant, econ, and thats about it.

Thanks for any recommendations.
@2018-01-15 12:39:51
It really depends on your background man. You sound like you already know your quant and econ basics... I think you're ready to dive straight into the real stuff.
@2018-03-09 13:52:16
You do not need any fundamental. I have an engineering background and I never felt like I needed some pre-requisite course, etc.

Let's do it one step at a time.

(1) Start with AnalystNotes online notes, they are concise and make sense as well.

(2) To keep your interest and spirit high work through the basic questions every day. I used to do it at the end of the day when I was tired and broken. I did about 50 problems a day.

(3) Aim to cover the material 2 - 3 times as you would forget a lot.

(4) FSA is the assassin. There is a fair amount of question from this section and they are not as straight forward either. Too many if's and conditions. The damm book is pretty thick as well.

(5) You need 300 hours for the exam. Create a log of time spent and see if you are on target. If you will use the time in an honest way your log will tell you how closer you are to success albeit 300 hours.

(6) Many people promote CFAI books but I do not see any beauty in them other than the glossy paper.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh