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I have been working in an investment dealer as an accountant for 6 years. I am just struggling on how to spin the words on my responsibilities. Any advice would be appreciated.

- Part of my duty is similar to the product control at capital market. I prepare the p&l and capital reports for various inventories, including equities, bonds and derivatives, but I am not sure how this report can help on investment decision making.

- I also prepare P&L and balance sheet for the firm, At the end of the month, we provide the debt ratio to the bank to ensure it meets the lending requirements, so the firm has access to the sufficient funds. Useful information to creditor, does this count?

- In addition, I prepare all kinds of risk adjusted capital reports for IIROC regulatory purpose…Does this report contribute to the decision making in any way? Any ideas?

- Prepare profitability reports for corporate finance deals... and prepare profitability reports for each investment advisor... I feel this report is more useful for the bonus purpose... but can someone help me to get some investment decision marking sense out of it?

I am really struggling on the experience part... help please.
@2018-09-22 15:52:06
I prepare BS, P/L and other statutory report fillings and thus contribute to overall confidence to financial statements for all stakeholders and public society as a whole. Shareholders', Creditors' as well as overall public confidence to its financial statements add significant value to asset management process.

Don't just copy and paste than modify it.
@2018-10-09 14:47:54
When in doubt, why not just bluntly state:

1) Prepared and summarized financial information to help in capital allocation and investment decision making.
2) Determine effects of financial decisions on capital ratios, allowing the company to optimize and improve its investment process.
Financial reports obviously are helpful. You just need to connect the dots a bit.

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