AuthorTopic: printing the printable notes
@2003-04-05 02:26:50
hi hi there friends.
to whom who has received the printable notes, does anyone know the easiest way to print the printable notes.

do i have to open the files one by one, or is there an easier way

@2003-04-05 16:55:07
I think you have to print by individual LOS only.

What I did was to copy and paste all LOSs for one study session into a word document and print it there.

Mike I think you should provide a word version for notes too. Anyway, thanks for the great job!
@2003-04-06 06:38:02
One way is to high light (select) several HTML files and right click the mouse. one of the options is to print. This should print all selected items. But this consumes lots of memory (slows your computer down while doing it) so do not select too many files otherwise your computer might get stuck.


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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!