AuthorTopic: printing the study section?
@2003-03-05 15:52:06
Is there a way to print everything out in the Study section of the website? Or you have to go in the print out page by page?

Is level II & III information available on this website as well? I did not see them in the study section.


@2003-03-18 16:20:50
I have tried printing the study material page by page, but it looks like that function has been disabled on this site. So, although we can read the stuff, we cannot print it out for revision. I suppose by making it a paid service as exams draw near is the method to raise money to keep this site alive.

If anyone figures out a way to print, please let me know.
@2003-03-19 19:03:51
Why don't just pay $29? Is that a big deal?

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