AuthorTopic: problem with BA II
@2008-03-17 02:31:51
When I key in N=10, 8=I/y, -1000=PV; cpt FV; Can u advise if there is anythg wrong with my calculator. My
result is 1068.7 instead of 2158.92

Appreciate to get help from anyone with thanks.
@2008-03-25 08:10:14
good Morning,

I just put those values into my calculator and my answer was R2158.92.

Maybve there is something wrong?
@2008-03-25 17:56:33
I would try clearing your calculator by doing the 2nd then clear button (or something like that, i don't have one near me) and that might work. Theres probaably some data somewhere that is messing it up.
@2008-04-08 14:51:52
I have some thing terrible going on with my BA11.Whatever I try to calculate like PV,Fv,Yields every thing is wrong.It was working perfectly beore. I think that I need to clear the inputs but I don,t know how.
Can anyone Guide me? Badly in need of help.

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