AuthorTopic: Problem?
@2002-12-29 08:50:27
Hi, Mike. I appreciate your effort for this site.

It seems to me all basic questions are disappeared from study part and my tatal study time was back from 13h to 8h.
Is there any problem?

@2002-12-31 00:08:55
Yeah there was a problem with our server. We lost all data from Dec 20 to 23: this means if you visited the web site during this period your data (in your case, you visit time) was not saved.

We are reworking on all questions (basic and review) due to a copyright conflict with a CFA test prep provider. Right now only questions for study session 4, 5 and 6 are available. We are currently working on study session 2 and 3.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

@2002-12-31 03:49:58
Dear Mike,

I hope your re-construction will be completed done well.
I am depending on this site to recover my L1 knowledge 'cause I studied several years ago.

I am sorry you have decided you won't do L2 this year. So, I've decided to use another provider to study L2. But I hope you'll do a good job for future candidates.


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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.